Post-Surgical Rehab

For many conditions, surgery is only the first step toward a full recovery. Physical therapy is a safe alternative or beneficial component to effective pain management after an operation takes place and is perhaps the most important component of a post-operative program.
Post-surgical physical therapy offers a controlled environment for an easier, less complicated recuperation by:
• Helping muscles regain their strength and function
• Ensuring that your joints regain their preoperative flexibility and range of motion
• Easing your post-operative discomfort naturally by boosting blood flow and encouraging fluid drainage
• Discouraging the development of unwanted scar tissue (which might interfere with movement, leaving you with long-term pain and stiffness)
• Helping you regain your balance after an extended period off your feet
• Re-training you to use your body more efficiently

After surgery, joint motion and muscle strength are lost quickly. Proper rehabilitation is required to restore normal joint movement and return your strength. Post-Surgical Rehab is the ideal way to encourage your body to heal, reduce pain, and restore strength. A physical therapist is familiar with surgical procedures and how to foster proper, focused healing in each area of the body.

Our post-surgical rehab program is ideal for:
• Knee, hip, and shoulder joint replacements
• ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL tears of the knee
• Meniscus and arthroscopy surgery recovery
• Shoulder post-surgical recovery for rotator cuff tears
• Arthroscopy and more
• General rehabilitation after surgery

Depending on the injury and type of surgery, this can be a simple rehabilitative process or a complicated recovery. Our expertise in treating many post-surgical rehab patients means we can achieve excellent outcomes for your recovery no matter the extent of your injury. We are with you every step of the way and look forward to helping you recuperate after surgery so you can get back to the lifestyle you enjoy.
Call us today to learn how we can help you recover quickly from your surgery with empowering results.