Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a special focus on helping athletes reach their body’s maximum capabilities. We treat athletes at all levels and ages, including grade school, college, professional athletes, as well as weekend warriors. Physical therapists have a deeper understanding of exercise science, physiology, and biomechanics. It’s important to understand that physical therapy in sports medicine is not the same as other types of physical therapy for post-surgery or post-injury individuals. Our highly trained staff will look closely at improper posture, body mechanics, and provide proper training & technique on exercises that will eliminate any areas of weakness and help stretch your muscles farther while preventing any injury.

Many athletes turn to physical therapy in an effort to prevent injuries from happening rather than waiting to take part in it after an injury has already taken place. If you are in need of sports medicine to treat a current injury, we can guide you along the healing process and teach you how to prevent an injury in the future. The physical performance or functional testing is used to determine an athlete’s ability to safely return to their sport or activity.  Evidence-based tests are performed to evaluate swelling, range of motion, strength, and stability, where objective findings can be compared to opposite limb or joint measurements and normative values.

We know how important it is for you to stay in the game and do what you love. If you or your loved one should need any help with injury prevention, concussion recovery, or sports injury recovery, our team is here and ready to help you have a safe and competitive sports season, and help you get back on your feet to prove yourself once again on the court or on the field.